EUROROCK - Belgium - 3/4 August 2001

Loading bus Cheltenham Thursday Evening 15hours later - no sleep and ExitBoy take the stage Skullduggery DUST enter the silliest dancing pose competition Tarentella Serpentine
Freudstein Arkham Asylum Arkham Asylum Fross, Rawbin, Tony chilling in the green room area Arkham Asylum
(now into Saturday)
Xtian DUST rushes to join in the 'bang a nail into a lump of wood' competition. Spot Rogue (Cruxshadows) competition..... .......and again........ .......and again, brought the crowd on stage to help hide him.....
.......oh and again! Hair of the dog in VIP area. answers on a postcard (maybe Janez Detd or The Cranes but doesn't look right) Some Litter (no I don't know why I took it either) Lee and Tony get down and dirty.
Funker Vogt Sunday and back in Brighton for brunch.... ......and confusing locals. Last stop Cheltenham 65hours later. All good things come to an end.